It’s time to show the world what’s under your apron.

And you don’t even have to get naked. You just have to know what the hell you’re doing and why—the proper techniques, the right ratios, and the industry secrets. That’s why I created The Supper Lab.

Let’s break this down

The act of cooking – when done right – is mind-blowing. And when I say ‘done right,’ I’m talking about being present and enjoying the process of preparing food. Sometimes it even tastes good, which is awesome. I believe cooking your own food is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in this crazy rat race of a world. So here’s what you can expect to find here:
  • Recipes that explain technique
  • Culinary ratios to set your inner kitchen boss free 
  • A dash of dry wit and sarcasm 

Culinary Ratios & Technique

When you understand technique and culinary ratios, you no longer know one recipe you know thousands

Professional Tips & Tricks

Speed, cleanliness, & efficiency will turn your kitchen from a workstation into a playground


Meal Planning

How to plan affordable delicious meals without a prep cook and a dishwasher (person not machine) 

Featured Recipes

Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati ChiliMediocre chili. It’s a plague running through households like Mary Kay at a church...

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